Saturday, March 31, 2012

~A Photoshop Miracle~

I DO believe in miracles!

It is truly a miracle that I was able to create my own blog header using Photoshop Elements. I mean really! What ever happened to the days when they used to include an instruction manual with the software? Who knew that you have to be a computer wizzard in order to use this program? No one warned me. There should be a warning on the box.

I've used simple photo editing sofwares in the past, but I'm at a point were I'd like to be able to do more interesting things with my photos. You know, make them look a bit more professional, although a I am no where near a professional photographer. I'm sure you can tell!

Anyway, not to be boastfull here....but.....I did figure out enough Photoshop magic to creat the banner. All by myself. I couldn't be more proud! I have since purchased a book on Photoshop which should be helpful as I move along.

My hat is off to all of you who are able to transform your pitcures with this software. You have my utmost respect!!

Happy Day!