Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Always Nice to Know Who You're Interacting With..

It's always nice to have a face to go with the voice, so to speak. So, here's who we are:

This is me and my VERY favorite person in the whole world! My baby girl Laurel. She's 22 now and has moved to Michigan with her boyfriend for a little while. I prefer to look at it as an extended visit. His parents are there, so they plan to be out there for about a year. I'm amazed that she she made it through a Michigan winter! We were at a wedding in this picture. That's Laurel's friend Beth on the right:

Laurel in a kind of artsy photo :) One of my favorites of her:

Here's me with my husband "Mr. Chicken Coop Builder Extraordinaire" (aka Mike) and my Mom on the left. We were at my Mom's for dinner. I have no idea why we left that chair in the middle of the picture like that, but oh well..

One more. This is me and Laurel acting a little goofy in San Francisco. We love the city:

Happy day!


  1. What a beautiful picture of you and your daughter. I grew up in Michigan, and the winter isn't as bad as what it sounds :)I actually miss our summers there by the lake now that I moved away.

  2. Great photos. My daugther is also 22 and will be graduating from college this May. She's in Boston now and hopes to stay out there. I'd love for her to be back home but so long as she's happy so am I. I also have a son that's 25 who attended Syracuse and is now working. Both kids celebrate their bdays in August. It's so nice to see how well they've turned out isn't it?