Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Legged Rototillers!

I love my girls! Stella and Rosie give me fresh eggs most days and they're so sweet and entertaining!  I've had them for a full year now. I have to tell you though, that I'm surprised at how much damage they can do to a yard. These two are confined to their "pen" area, so the damage is confined:
Since we have a weed lawn, it would be just fine with me if they roamed all over the yard. My husband on the other hand, insists that they not "free-range" around the yard because he doesn't want chicken poop all over the place. It's a valid point. They poop. A lot.

Isn't it amazing that there isn't a single blade of grass in their pen area?? I thought for sure that this spring they would have fresh grass to nibble on. But not one little sprout! I give them kale and lots of veggies, so the do get to eat fresh greens each day. But who knew? They're basically two legged miniature rototillers!

Happy Day!

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