Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sweet Burlap Nest #2

More fuzzy little chicks in a happy little nest!!
In my previous post, I explained how I made the little burlap nest. This one was made the same way. It's just a bit bigger. 

Once again, I decoupaged the inside of the bowl with small pieces of old book pages. I glued some dainty pink lace along the upper edge of the bowl. Then, I glued strips of burlap all over the outside to form the nest. I embellished the burlap with pastel threads so the nest would have subtle color, and also to add some interest. I just love how it turned out...

Look at the secret message in the bottom of the nest! "A golden egg, quite warm yet". "At last the large egg broke, and a young one crept forth".

 Spring Sweetness!
Happy Day!

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  1. Hi Tracy,
    You recently left a comment on one of my posts and I have been slow in getting over here to meet you. Sorry about that.
    Your little nest is as cute as it can be and the secret message is so sweet. I am so inspired by your creativity. I bought a little package of those chicks last year after Easter and couldn't come up with any clever ideas for them, so there they sit in their package. Wish I would have gotten over here prior to Easter.
    Thanks for stopping by.